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Translation services

Content translation and localization services to increase your company’s international presence. Our goal is to help our customers comply with the communication of their content regardless of the volume and scope of the project.

Flix TransMedia not only seeks to transmit the original message but also works with the target language so that the original nuances and tone remain intact.

With our translation service:

  • Achieve greater reach online.
  • Increase your sales, reaching more customers.
  • Locate your web content to different cultures.
  • Reduce your costs with our integrated process.

From document translation to monthly translation content support, we have different service options that fit the needs of each client. We have experience in managing large multilingual translation projects and through our continuous and incremental translation process, we ensure that local content is kept up to date.

Our tools and work processes guarantee the quality of our services and allow us to adjust delivery times according to the needs of our customers.


E: translation@flixtransmedia.com
P: +1 305 760 4751

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.

We are open from 9 am — 5 pm on weekdays.

Complete the form with the contact details and upload the file to be translated.

You will receive an email in just a few minutes with the detailed quote for your translation service.

Make your payment online and you will receive translated documents by electronic mail and by mail (if required)*.

* If you require sending by mail, you will have an additional cost.

Our main solutions

Professional Translation: Translation performed by a professional native translator, along with a complete review by a second professional native translator.

Editing: Full review service by a professional linguist of the material already translated by third parties along with quality control.

Proofreading: Review and editing material already translated by a professional, content analysis, organization, consistency, tone, and style of the final text or arrival text, along with a punctuation and grammar check.

Machine Translation (Human Post-editing): Full service of content translated by automatic engines by a professional linguist, along with quality control.

Professional Translation Services in +60 Languages

Whatever your language needs, we can deliver the highest quality, accurate and professional certified translation services.

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If you want to see the full language list, visit the following page.


We help you improve the communication of all your content and increase your presence. Our work processes adapt to the use and format that the customer needs.

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  • Online content Reports, legal documents, presentations, e-mails, contracts, legal documentation, etc.
  • Business documents Articles, social media posts, user comments and recommendations, e-mails, infographics, etc.
  • Word, Excel documents, PowerPoint, Open Office, Google Docs, PDF, TXT, Doc Book, CVS
  • Design and Publishing Indesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator
  • Software, websites and applications Software, cloud services, institutional web, e-commerce, applications, databases, etc.
  • Multimedia Subtitling, Voice Over, Audio Transcripts, Infographics, etc.
  • Software & IT XML, XLIFF 1.2, XLIFF 2.0, SDL LIFF, TRADOS TTX, PO get text, IOS strings, Android Strings, PHP, JSON, Properties, YAML, DITA
  • Websites, applications and social media HTML, Social Media Post, CMS Content