Our Experience Runs Deep Across Diverse Industries

At Flix TransMedia we have a solid experience in marketing, health, legal, technology and technical. We have a network of 1500 rigorously selected professionals, native and documented experience in their area of expertise. To ensure the quality of our services and customer satisfaction, we have terminology glossaries for each industry and reviews by experts in the area.

Our team of project managers manages each project and ensures compliance with the quality standards of our products.

Marketing Translation Services

We help companies expand into new markets and deliver their message where they need. Our comprehensive language services allow our customers to convey their message where they need, ensuring the consistency of the brand’s message at all points of contact.

• Digital
• Web
• Mobile
• Television
• Radio
• Print

Our services and processes adapt to all types of content and format to ensure consistency of your message at all times.

Translation | Marketing Solutions | Multimedia Solutions | Content Localization

Our processes facilitate the management of all types of format, speed in delivery times and budget optimization, taking care of the message and tone of the brand at all points of contact.

Language services for health and laboratories

At FLIX TRANSMEDIA we know the importance of communication on health issues.

We have language solutions that allow companies in the sector to manage all kinds of content and communicate them in the language they need.

Our expertise in the field and our team of expert linguists allow us to efficiently and accurately translate all types of content, offering support at every stage of the service:

• Medical Information
• Packaging
• Marketing
• Research
• Clinical Trials
• Regulatory and legal documents

Language services for law firms

At FLIX TRANSMEDIA we know the importance of the translation and management of your legal documents. We have linguistic solutions that allow companies to translate and manage all kinds of content ensuring the accuracy and quality required.

Our translation and specialization services include:

• Litigations
• Patents and Intellectual Property
• Contracts and Commercial and Accounting Documentation
• Corporate Documentation
• Procedural Papers
• Powers and other notarial documents


E: translation@flixtransmedia.com
P: +1 305 760 4751

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.

We are open from 9 am — 5 pm on weekdays.

Complete the form with the contact details and upload the file to be translated.

You will receive an email in just a few minutes with the detailed quote for your certified translation.

Make your payment online and you will receive translated and certified documents by electronic mail and by mail (if required)*.

* If you require sending by mail, you will have an additional cost.

Certified Translation in +60 Languages

Whatever your language needs, we can deliver the highest quality, accurate and professional certified translation services.

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If you want to see the full language list, visit the following page.