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ATTENTION: Be careful with hidden costs

Translation Services

Unfortunately, many companies do not calculate their hidden costs when paying cheap or even free translation services (please, Google Translate… really?). There are a lot of mistakes people make based on a poor understanding of how translation works. To fully understand the costs, it’s important to always appreciate what value is being added to your translation.

Cost of translation mistakes: A poor translation could result in content being ineffective, which if it’s a sales or marketing collateral, it could mean it won’t convert prospects into customers.

Definition of You get what you pay for. This is used to say that a thing that can be purchased for a very low price probably isn’t very good. “That cheap camera I bought is broken already.” “Well, you get what you pay for.” Translation is no different. Cheap translations are cheap for a reason; it’s important you find out what those reasons are before deciding on how to accomplish your needs, as it’s clear that if the translations are not spotless the first time, they can end up costing more in time and money than you thought imaginable.

Benefit from an experienced translation agency

Part of the benefits of working with a professional translation agency is that you will have the immediate support from a team of experienced professionals that can take care of your business’ requirements whenever you need them to. This means that whatever business you are in, and regardless of the type of documentation required, your team has the experience and resources available to handle your translation service promptly and effectively.

As businesses start to build professional partnerships and take part in global relations, there is a thriving need for better business translation and localization services. These may be used for corporate functions, meetings, product documents and more; and working with a professional translation agency is the perfect solution to go for.

Having a team that can provide good translation services have become essential, and therefore, professional agencies are so popular. They will save you a huge amount of money as you won’t have to hire many freelancers, set up your own in-house team, or buy any costly software. In addition to this, you won’t have to spend time on training or quality control as this will all be managed on your behalf by your agency. It’s an inexpensive and suitable service for any business, particularly for one that craves to expand its market globally.

And while it is true that English is one of the top spoken languages, choosing not to translate content into Spanish, Russian or Chinese can be one of the biggest mistakes a business can make.